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The feedback of satisfied clients is the best recognition of our success. Every recommendation or advertisement of the fund confirms our development. We love to help our clients, therefore we thought over an advantageous referral program that gives each partner an additional income. WHAT IS AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM?

Affiliate Program is a type of marketing in which a business rewards one or more users for each visitor or customer brought by the user’s own marketing efforts. It is a program that include the accrual and payment of partnership rewards to users whose invited participants have created investments in the company’s investment program.


Absolutely anyone who is interested in investment activity can become your referral. There are no limitations in this issue. As soon as the user who signed up with your link makes their deposit, a part of these funds will go to your account. These funds are completely yours, and you can use them as you wish; you can reinvest the funds or withdraw them using an electronic payment system.


If you have a website, blog or have any account on social networks this offer is for you. That means you can share your referral links to your friends on facebook, facebook groups, family and friends on whatsapp, whatsapp groups, instagram page, followers, telegram groups, or any other social media platform you have access to. Our affiliate program offers reward of 10% the deposits made by people who signed up using your referral link. You do not need to have a million subscribers or a thousand visitors a day. Just share you referral links Remember, your income also grows along with the number of users you have referred. Reward is our gratitude for your work on the popularization of Tenfold Limited.


Share your referral link daily on every platform you can get your hands on, whatsapp group, telegram groups, instagram, facebook and all medium you can and become ever wealthier. Also set a target to tell everyone around you about your success so far with Tenfold Limited, people around you can be a potential user who will be ready to sign up with your referral link. So Start Sharing your referral link today.